August 25, 2010

123 Eugeezy makes it easy.

I was surfing Yelp yesterday for a review of the Barney's warehouse sale* and came across this gem. Words of wisdom by a fellow named Eugeezy:

"Eugeezy's 5 Rules of Being a Wiser Clothing Shopper"

1) You get what you pay for.
2) You have to absolutely love it.
3) Do I really need this? No really. Do I really need this?
4) Will this item make me feel fresh to def and enhance my swagger for the ladies?
5) If nobody paid your rent, you ain't buying shit then mutha-f*cker.

I especially agree with #5.

* The Barney's sale was pretty dismal. Hardly any bags or accessories, set up really confusingly (we couldn't get to the exit for a good 5 min- fire hazard?), and not very good prices. What's it take to get a good deal?


Hannah said...

i'm glad you didn't burn to death in a fire at the barney's warehouse sale!

Azzara Oston said...

hahahah! so true

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