August 24, 2010

Objects of Obsession: The Lil Blue Dress

So, anyone that knows me should have recognised by now that I have a certain... attraction to blue dresses. I'm keeping a running tally of how many are in my closet and so far, we're at about 28. Okayyy, so maybe we could call it an obsession. So I guess that makes this the second O.O.O (Objects of Obsession) post, second of manyyy more to come.

That being said, whenever I see a blue dress I automatically gravitate towards it. I love ruffles, cut-outs, prints and polka dots. Especially polka dots. So here are some of my favourite blue dresses you can buy online riiiight now, with all of these lil details goin' on:

Motel - £39

Modcloth - $117.99

Mason by Michelle Mason on Shopbop - $364

Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy - $46

Honestly, I want them allllll. Part of me thinks I should stop with the blue dresses, but it's very probable that I won't. Are there any colours that you guys gravitate towards when you're shopping? And hey, if anyone feels like buying me a present, you know where to start.

, Azzara


eli.. said...

ohmmmm you totally copied me.. I adore blue dresses.
The first one is very very lovely

Nick said...

I like the french connection dress. so you

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