August 6, 2010

Not Everything Is What It Seems to Be

So I'm really a fan of art that's creative and weird and makes you go "woah, I wish I'd though of that." I'm really digging these inventive photos by Chema Madoz. It's pretty grand that Chema is able to look at a sewer grate and visualise a dish rack.  Check out his website for more stuff, or have a look at his book which has some real gems in it as well. Supposedly he used a Hasselblad to take a bunch of the photos that were used in his books, so maybe I'll just pop on over to Amazon and pick up one for a couple thousand dollars (try $17,000 for some of them) and then take a picture of the man on the moon. Seriously, I wish. 

It's appropriate, and slightly amusing, that among his photos so many of my favourites are food-related (or at least kitchen-utensil-related) as Amanda and I will for sure be blogging about cool food stuff in the near future. And who doesn't love food? So stay tuned for more excitement. Feel free to contact us both via email, we'd love to hear from you! 

, Azzara

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