August 6, 2010

GAH. I want it all!

Here are some of my personal favorites from the Fall 2010 RTW collections:

(Dries Van Noten images via

First of all, I love Dries Van Noten.  Secondly, I want to know how he makes it so effortless to look  cool.  Also, I think it's awesomely refreshing that his clothes aren't skintight or constricting.  Loose things can look good!  Layering! Easy pieces!  This is how it should be for women.  His clothes are definitely for a girl on the go.  It's nice that none of the clothes are too revealing yet they are ladylike without being uptight.  What do you think?

I love the idea of a 3/4 sleeve knee length black dress that you can throw on with a pair of sunglasses.  You know that kind of dress would be a great investment as kind of a where whenever, dress up dress down, type of dress.  I even love the bag the model is cradling.  A perfect satchel to fit everything from umbrella to spare pair of shoes... or a dog. 

Also, I'm really into the idea of one great coat or trench that you can layer over trousers and a blouse. Way to make it seem easy, Dries. 

(Anna Sui images via

Anna Sui, can I please come to your workshop and steal all of your garments? Okay, I know that a lot of Sui's looks can seem overdone and fussy but she is truly the queen of layering.  Look at all those wonderful patterns and what about those awesome tights (those tights deserve their own blog post)!  Plus, can't you imagine just dissecting her outfits, pairing a patterned skirt with a more subdued shirt or the awesome semi-argyle sweater with a pair of jeans and oxfords?  There are so many possibilities.  It's just up to you to decide how busy you want to be when you wear her clothes.  But certainly her looks can be both parred down or dressed up easy as pie.  I want it all!  

Okay, I'll give you a break from my ranting but this will be continued later!

yarr, Amanda. 

P.S. Lately I've been listening to Local Natives on repeat.  Check out their daytrotter session here where you can download their live session for free.   I haven't seen them live yet but I was so glad to hear that they are just as good in live session as recorded on their CD.  Hope you like em. 

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Hannah said...

oh man, I lust after those red tights with the knee designs.

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