August 22, 2010

Harlequin Shrimp = The Bomb

Sorry for the lull in posts from me this week; my brother is starting his first year of college this week (so young!) so I’ve been helping him get sorted. Soooo, on to the interesting stuff. I’m a biology major (which basically means just a big nerd) and I’m pretty obsessed with strange marine creatures that could probably scare anyone if they met on a dark night. Aaand there are some that would (and do) make me crack up because they’re so silly. For example, the blobfish:

But, one of the coolest-looking marine animals of all time would have to be the harlequin shrimp:

Images via

They’re so beautiful that they almost don’t seem real. They can have purple, orange or blue spots and have an interesting flower-like appearance. They have natural polka dots, so perfect! I kiiind of want one as a pet.

It’s pretty amazing how much inspiration designers get from nature, which is already full of strange patterns, textures and shapes for the taking. For designers, who are always trying to be innovative and avant-garde, the environment can be a really remarkable muse. There are some Fall 2010 RTW looks that made me think of our shrimpy friend when I first saw them, lots of exciting prints! They look a bit like melted polka dots and I'm a fan.

DVF - Image via

Thakoon - Image via

Lela Rose - Image via

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Nick said...

That first creature is by far the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on.

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